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Liquid Car Polish

Liquid Magics Liquid Car Polish 500ml Seals Polishes & Protects You will be amazed at the Finish Use on cars, trucks, boats, aeroplanes, motorcycles, all non-porous surfaces including chrome, stainless steel, aluminium and alloy wheels. Clean, green, biodegradable and non-toxic The Revolutionary Polish Liquid Magic packs hi-tech polishing compounds and protectants into one super-convenient product. This revolutionary treatment will change the way you polish forever. You will be amazed how it far out-shines all other products. With no surface scratching or swirl marks, complete with UV Protection and Anti-Static. Soft and Gentle on all non-porous surfaces maintaining factory finish. Just Spray on, Wipe off and Buff to a shine, using the two microfibre cloths provided . It’s just that easy. Liquid Magics Liquid Car Polish can be used anywhere, any time. Regular treatment will give you amazing results and protection. Environmentally Friendly, Alcohol Free, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic. Safe on all kinds of paint. No Distillates. Apply in sun or shade Another fine product from Liquid Magics MADE IN AUSTRALIA

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