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I have never been so thrilled about a Cleaning product like Liquid Magic, but it really is Magic. I have saved a lot of money by purchasing this amazing product because I literally clean the WHOLE house with it. I love how it comes in the concentrate bottle and then to dilute it according to areas to be cleaned. The diluted bottle lasts for weeks and I clean my kitchen benches, sinks, bathrooms and vanities, walls, tiles etc. I can go on and on about how many purposes this product has. I’m so fortunate to have been introduced to Liquid Magic.

Susie – Kellyville Ridge NSW


Tony Lahood Motors

After using the liquid magic citrus spray I can honestly say it’s a product that works for a minimal price.. it works on absolute everything you can think of… I would highly recommend this product for the sole the reason that it works


We were introduced to Liquid Magic Citrus Cleaner at our Coffee Warehouse Café & Deli. I did not believe when I was told about its all amazing benefits. Supplier’s short demonstration convinced me that I should give it a try. We ended up with getting one test sample bottle to use in our restaurant.

We were all surprised on the first day. It does work in our busy restaurant in which we do not have too much time in rush service hours for cleaning. Our staffs are now using Citrus Cleaner in all departments, from washing tables, chairs, table cloth, to cleaning equipment. It also leaves beautiful smell after using. With bottle of 1LT Citrus Liquid, we can make into several cleaning bottles that would save us a lot of money. I also took one bottle home to use and can not stop surprising with its wonderful uses.

I would highly recommend this amazing product to all Hospitality including restaurants, hotels, clubs as long as every house. With its huge benefits, you definitely need one in your home or business.

Amy Bui

Office Manager


Spanish Inn Motor Lodge

I was introduced to Liquid Magic Citrus Cleaner at my Sydney motel and restaurant. At first I was pessimistic when I was told about all of the benefits. I reluctantly observed a few test samples just to amuse myself. This short demonstration convinced me that I should give it a go. I was given clear instructions as to how I should dilute the product according to the stains.

Well SHOCK HORROR. It actually does work and it saves me so much money. I’ve wasted a fortune on all the other products over the years.

This is a ‘one stop shop’.

It literally removes lipstick stains from our beautiful white napkins as well as oil stains out of our driveway.

I cannot list all of the wonderful uses for this product-it just does every thing.

I make sure that my housekeepers have a bottle on their trolleys, otherwise please explain!

No home or business should be without Liquid Magic Citrus Cleaner.


We are all thrilled that we were introduced to Liquid magic.

We have not only saved money in purchasing this amazing product but it performs better than it states on the bottle.

We have found that this product is not only durable but cleans just about anything within the house hold, garage, laundry and shed.

Its multi function. Concentrated bottle is a winner as far as we are concerned.

Liquid magic is highly recommended by us.


Working in childcare it is important that we look for cleaners that are safe for the children. This cleaner is fantastic we can use it for floors wipe down surfaces and in the toilets so it has replaced all our cleaners. As it is natural we are able to use with confidence. The smell is great so when we finish it even smells clean. But the best thing IS WHEN THE CHILREN WRITE ON SOMETHING THEY SHOULDN’T it’s just a quick squirt rub in and off it wipes. All this in a natural cleaner is just great

Tina Webster Keane

Director HOOSH


I have been working in commercial kitchens for 17 years, it is very important to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic, after working a long hare day at work on your feet, the last thing u want to do is scrub down a commercial kitchen, since I am always looking for products that are chemical free, because of working with food. I have been introduced to the LIQUID MAGIC CITRUS CLEANER and I am very happy with this product I can finally use a cleaner with NO CHEMICALS IN IT. This product can be used on numerous jobs and I don’t have to worry about contaminating food when I use LIQUID MAGIC CITRU CLEANER, and the aroma is very pleasant and no effect on the skin.

Thank u

Chef Anthony Khoury

Akhoury catering



FARM CITY has been using Liquid Magic Citrus Cleaner for the past few months and we cant believe how well it works. Whether we want to polish our showroom floor products, remove sticky residue or clean the interior of our cars it works wonders and smells great too.

All of our staff in our workshop use it as there number one cleaning product, because it works, smells nice and is powerful enough to remove grease stains.


This testimony is about the cleaning properties of Liquid Magic Citrus Cleaner.

The staff has been using this product in the toilets, kitchen and bedrooms for a variety of uses. It cleans glass, kitchen bench tops, sinks, toilets, etc.

Our staff has been very satisfied with the product and it has enabled us to reduce the amount of product we purchase for cleaning.

The staff, after using Citrus Cleaner at work, also purchased it for their homes.

We recommend the product, which gives value for its price.



My name is Philip and I am a chef. I have been working in the kitchen for the last 20 years overseas and in Sydney, Australia. The most difficult job I have experienced in the kitchen is the cleaning.

There enormous cleaning jobs in the kitchen and the most hard to clean is the tough grease and oils that have been built up. This one is like a gel when you scrape it off. We have tried so many different cleaning products available in the market and you name all those you can think of and you can see in the supermarket. But all these products are just not good enough to remove greasy stuffs. I need a magic to solve my most difficult job in the kitchen and I found this cleaning product which is Liquid Magics CITRUS CLEANER. This products really works magic and it works wonder in every stuffs you need to clean. I have tried this product in everything I need to clean in the kitchen and it does solve my cleaning problem. I have tried it in cleaning the griller and it works. The greasy hoods in the kitchen just spray some of this solution and just wipe it with cloth and the stuffs is gone. Take note this product is non-toxic, non-causic, ammonia free, phosphate free and contains no silicones. This is ideal to use in home too. I used it in cleaning my car and I do not need water. I just spray the solution and just wipe it down and my car looks so clean and shiny. I have tried it in my bathroom to remove the soap scums in the shower room. I just wiped the scums with a cloth and gone. What about moulds and mildews in the ceilings and walls, yes I have tried it as well and it works without the hard work. I know that is in your mind, how about in carpet like coffee or chocolate that has been spilled to your carpet. Well, I sprayed this solution right on the spot where the spill was and I just used a cloth to dampen it and it was gone. Another way of getting rid of any stains in your clothe is to spray this directly to the stains and just use cloth to dampen it. Yes, I have done this too and it was gone. Remember I am a Chef and I wear a whit chef jacket and I hate when my jacket has stains or that harsh stuff along the collar.

This Liquid Magics is the solution that we are all looking for. So for you to witness and see for yourself what this product can do in your business or in your home then why no try it.