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4 x 60ml Hand Sanitiser Family Travel Pack Pocket Size

4 x 60ml Hand Sanitiser Family Travel Pack Pocket Size


Liquid Magics 60ml Personal Instant Hand Sanitizer (70% Alcohol Hospital Grade Formula) & REFILLABLE

The ideal product and size for carrying with you where ever you go. Sanitise your hands instantly anywhere any time. Ideal for all family members.

A simple and effective way of reducing the transmission of infection without the need of soap, water and towels.

Its fast acting formula will kill 99.9% of the most common illness causing germs, leaves the hands feeling soft and refreshed.

The use of Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers can help to significantly reduce the risk of infection from most types of influenza.


Made In Australia- Buy Direct From Manufacturer
Does not require the use of soap & water
Dries within seconds
Leaves hands feeling soft
Kills 99.9% of common germs
Convenient & refreshing hand sanitiser
Advanced formula
3 years shelf life

What Are the Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizer?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers help to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria, particularly in busy environments like schools and offices:

• Stop the Spread of Germs: According to studies, 1 in 5 people don’t regularly wash their hands. Of those who do, 70% don’t use soap. Providing hand sanitizer in key areas (including bathrooms and kitchens) makes it more likely that people will use it to kill harmful bacteria.

• Promote Good Hygiene and Health: A healthy building is a productive one. One study in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) found that encouraging the use of hand sanitizers in schools reduced absenteeism by almost 20%!

• Reduce Waste: As an extra precaution, many people will use paper towels to open doors when leaving bathrooms or kitchens. Placing hand sanitizers near exits makes it easy for people to defend themselves from germs without needing to create additional mess.

How Is Hand Sanitizer Most Effectively Used?

It’s important you use hand sanitizer properly to ensure it does the job it’s meant to do – get rid of germs before they are able to spread:

• Don’t Use Hand Sanitizer if Your Hands are Dirty: Hand sanitizers are not meant to clean your hands. They’re meant to disinfect Residue like oil or dirt will prevent hand sanitizers from penetrating down to your skin.

• Use the Right Amount: When it comes to hand sanitizer, less doesn’t mean more. You need to apply enough to thoroughly coat every part of your hands. Don’t forget about the back of them or your fingers!

• Rub It In Until Your Hands Are Dry: This way you can be sure that it’s come into contact with all the most important surfaces.

When combined with other preventative measures (like proper handwashing and thorough touch-point cleaning), using hand sanitizer will help to keep you (and everyone in your building!) protected against the flu and other illnesses.

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